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Tissa Talks Blo.

Tissa Talks! Don’t forget today’s show at 11am EST when Princess Fizz will be interviewing Tissa Godavitarne about the launch of his new powerful marketing tool called How does AUTO MAGICALLY Blogging Facebook posts to a BLOG of your CHOICE sound to you? Top 6 Facebook Facts: 1. 728 million people log onto […]


Viral Blogging for Profit with Empower Network

Do you own a business? What kind of business do you own? Because frankly, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a “brick and mortar” business like a restaurant, bookstore, car wash, or a home business like network or affiliate marketing. If you don’t have a blog to promote your business then you are very likely […]


Empower Network Can Transform Your Life As Well As Your Business

  My wife Deb and I have known Tissa and Carolyn Godavitarne for 5 years now, having joined ACME People Search right after it first launched, and having worked for him for a couple of years as his Affiliate Manager. We’re good friends. We’ve been to their home. We’ve eaten together…laughed together…strategized together…and watched their […]


Who Is This Gary Chappelle Guy?

When it comes to internet marketing, maybe you’ve heard of Gary Chappelle. Perhaps not. It doesn’t matter. The point is Gary Chappelle is just a regular guy who, for the last 5 years, has been working from home generating an income online. You see, in 2008 he quit his computer consulting company that he had started […]


What’s Your “Why” for Starting a Business?

My Motivation for Starting a Business I started my online career back in 2008 out of necessity. I had a successful computer consulting business in the Atlanta area that I had been running since 1994 but was finding it increasingly difficult to find clients who needed my area of expertise, especially when more and more […]