The Basics of Multiple Streams of Income

multiple streams of incomeDeveloping multiple streams of income is tossed around quite a bit by many pretending to be experts on how to generate income online. And it is a very important strategy to being successful. The problem is that these so-called experts don’t exactly explain the basic principles of how you accomplish it.

You can recognize that they don’t really know what they are talking about because you will see them pitching every new “hot” business that comes along.

But if I had to come up how to create multiple streams of income in one word it would be “FOCUS“. And by focus, I mean 3 things:

  1. What is your end goal?
  2. How much money in what time frame do you need to get to your goal?
  3. Is what you are doing now in line with your goal?


Dangers of “The Shiny Object Syndrome”


I don’t know Tanya personally but she makes some excellent points in her video. Unless you know where you are going, you are bound to end somewhere else. And that’s why losing focus and bouncing around from business to business is not going to create you multiple streams of income and help you reach your end game.

Trust me. It might make these “gurus” who pitch this stuff to their lists some nice money but for the average Joe out there, jumping from one business opportunity to the next is not going to provide them with different streams of income. We call this “the shiny object syndrome“, or the SOS Syndrome for short.

It’s the tendency to get real excited about a business until the newness wears off and perhaps there is very little or no immediate success. So the next business opportunity that comes along sounds appealing and the jump is made to that business. Until the next opportunity comes along…

And so forth.

We’ve all probably suffered from that malady at some point in our career.

It’s not until you learn to stay focused on one business at a time and seeing it to success that you really begin to understand how to build multiple streams of income.

In my particular case, I’m involved in several home business opportunities that provide me a nice residual revenue stream every month. Two of them I started over 4 years ago and over the last several years they have grown. Another one I started a little over a year ago, and the last one about 8 months ago. The last one has grown to over 1300 members on my team! But the important thing to realize is that all of my businesses pretty much run on auto-pilot now. I have my advertising in place and while I monitor my marketing campaigns from time to time and make adjustments when necessary, there isn’t a whole lot I need to do anymore with these businesses.


The Simple “Secret” to Multiple Streams of Income


The point I want to drive home here, and it’s VERY IMPORTANT is that to create multiple streams of income you need to build them one business at a time. Develop one business to where it’s earning you a desired level of income, and THEN move on to start developing another income stream.


BIG NEWS – TeamTissa Is Now Part of Team “Take Massive Action”!



TeamTissa Joins “Team Massive Action”


Last week there was a BIG Announcement that Lawrence Tam’s Team had merged with Chris Record’s Team “Take Massive Action“. Lawrence Tam and Chris Record are two of the biggest leaders in Empower Network, so this merger is monumental.

If you don’t know who these two gentlemen are then take a little bit of time and Google their names to find out more.

What is really amazing about both of them is that they started out part-time in Empower Network.

Lawrence was an electrical engineer who had found it difficult in previous endeavors to be successful online. Lawrence is a family man and didn’t want to spend hours on end trying to find success in internet marketing that would take away from time with his wife and young children. So he was hoping he could find something that he could spend a couple of hours a day devoted to and find success. It was when he discovered Dave Wood and David Sharpe of Empower Network that things began to change for him. Long story short, Lawrence eventually lost his electrical engineering job but fortunately has found success with Empower Network earning well over a half million dollars in a little over a year.

Chris Record is also a family man but very content with his full time job. However, when he discovered Empower Network, he thought it fit in perfectly with what he was already doing. Chris still does Empower Network part-time, yet is one of the top earners in Empower Network.

Now these are not typical incomes for Empower Network members, but I hope their stories, and others as well, will demonstrate what is possible with the Empower Network Business, and will inspire you to take control of your life and fulfill the dreams you’ve always had for yourself and your family.


What it Means for TeamTissa


What is awesome for TeamTissa group members is that TeamTissa is part of Lawrence Tam’s Team which now means we are also part of the “Take Massive Action” Team!

So now, not only do we have available the marketing systems from Tissa Godavitarne, Brian, Bear, and Brian Michael who are all part of TeamTissa, but we have access to all the training and marketing materials available from Lawrence Tam and Chris Record.

TeamTissa members can now access the “Take Massive Action” training and marketing material from their TeamTissa Back Office under “Partner Resources”.tttool


There you will find marketing videos, as well as several terrific lead capture pages you can use in your marketing efforts, and so much more.

This is in addition to all the great resources you already have available as a TeamTissa member:

checkmark2 positions in the Advertising Rotator

checkmarkAutomatic Email Followups for Leads

checkmarkFree Social Marketing Tools

checkmarkFree Paid Advertising

checkmarkFree Copy of My Report “Explosive Traffic Secrets”

checkmarkAnd much more added all the time!


Join Empower Network TODAY and get involved with the best team!

Use Simple2Advertise to Market Your Empower Network Business

Does Simple2Advertise Work?

S2A-2-350-X-350The simple answer is “YES”!

I know people in Empower Network who had found it difficult to generate leads and then used Simple2Advertise and received their first leads ever.

I’m pretty good at generating leads myself but I wanted to try Simple2Advertise out so I could recommend it to others if it turned out to be a good source for generating leads for their business.

But before we get into how effective my test was, let’s explain what Simple2Advertise is.

Simple2Advertise is a marketing system designed specifically with Empower Network in mind.

They have created their own unique lead capture pages, banner ads, swipe copy, and Facebook applications that tie in with your own Empower Network back office. But they are so much more than that. They have also created advertising coops so that you can leverage the investment of others to purchase advertising where everyone shares in the clicks and leads. And they also have set up other advertising channels where you can purchase your own traffic from specific areas of the world, whether it be North America, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Europe, or the entire world! You can also purchase PPC Traffic through Simple2Advertise.

My Simple2Advertise Test

So I decided to run what they call their “Traffic Firehose” Advertising. The name is appropriate because once it’s turned on the traffic gushes out like water through a fireman’s hose. I purchased $25 worth of advertising to the U.K. sending the traffic to one of their lead capture pages called “Fire Your Boss”.

The results were pretty impressive!


My user name there is “gnc422”. And as you can see I received 208 clicks and 11 leads. Two other people did even better than me with the same advertising dollars, receiving 16 and 19 hits.

For someone who hasn’t had any success generating any leads for their business, this is definitely an option.

Add Simple2Advertise to Your Arsenal

Simple2Advertise is a great marketing tool that I plan to add to my arsenal of tools to help grow my business. But leads are one thing, and conversions are another. It’s up to you to connect with your leads and build a relationship so that they will want to join your Empower Network business. Remember, network marketing is all about networking, building relationships, and getting people to know, like, and trust you.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see many of your leads join your business right away. It takes time to build those relationships. And don’t bombard your leads daily with emails telling them they need to join.

My best advice is to invite them to some webinars so they can check out more about the business. Or send them the swipe copy that Dave & Dave send out most weeknights (currently they are providing emails you can send to your prospects revolving around the Austin event that was held in January, 2013). Treat your leads just as you would like to be treated. You might be surprised at how well you can do.


What’s Your “Why” for Starting a Business?

My Motivation for Starting a Business

Gary Chappelle Empower networkI started my online career back in 2008 out of necessity.

I had a successful computer consulting business in the Atlanta area that I had been running since 1994 but was finding it increasingly difficult to find clients who needed my area of expertise, especially when more and more companies were outsourcing overseas to fill their needs.

Not only that but the economy was slowing down, companies were merging, and employees were getting laid off in droves.

So I either needed to adapt or my family was going to have a serious downgrade in lifestyle.

I had been thinking to myself for a long while about starting a home business, but had no idea how to begin.

Fortunately for me I met a man by the name of Tissa Godavitarne and my online career hasn’t slowed down since.

So my “why” was to make sure my family was still taken care of with a roof over their heads, and food on the table. I also wanted the freedom to earn an income that wasn’t dependent on someone else. I could work my own hours, whenever and wherever I wanted, and earn as much as I wanted.

What Is Your “Why” for Starting a Business?

I now have new goals for my business.

So what is your motivation for starting your own business?

Have you written it down?

Be specific.

Simply writing “I want to make a bunch of money” is not a goal.

Why do you want to make a bunch of money?

The other day I put together a short video that talked about today’s economy, and why people need another income stream. I would suggest you watch the video and see if it doesn’t hit home.

And then I would suggest you join me in turning your life around.

You see, your life is determined by the choices you make. And doing nothing is just as much of a choice as doing something. Your life isn’t going to “magically” change for the better.


Starting a Business With Empire Network

I’ve been fortunate enough to build several different businesses and generate some nice income streams for myself over the years. And in 2013 I’ve decided to focus all of my energy on Empower Network.

Starting a business with Empower Network could not be easier. You sign up and then purchase the $25 Empower Network blog platform. Now this is important because blogging every day is a terrific and essential way of driving organic traffic to your website.

You then also pay the $19.99 every month to become an affiliate of Empower Network. This allows you to resell the blogging system to anyone else for 100% commissions!

Make sure this point is driven home in your mind because receiving 100% commissions is unheard of in this industry.

If you decide to purchase other products from Empower Network, then you can resell those as well for 100% profit. But keep this in mind…

You must have purchased a product yourself in order to resell it and earn those 100% commissions. If one of your signups purchases a product you do not own, then that commissions “passes up” to your sponsor. There are other features of the compensation plan that I do not want to get into now in this post, but let me just say that Empower Network has one of the best compensation plans I have ever seen in the internet marketing business world.

But here’s the best part…

When you join Empower Network under me, you are also joining one of the best teams in the business.

Our Team is called TeamTissa which was started by the man I mentioned earlier in this post, Tissa Godavitarne. And he has created a system that solves the problems facing most people who try to start a business online. Those three problems are:

  1. Generating Targeted Traffic
  2. Properly Following Up With Any Leads
  3. Easy Duplication for You and Your Team Members

You can read more about how TeamTissa helps you in starting a business here.

So stop letting others define your life for you and set your own rules. Join us today.

join empower network



The 3 Step Formula for Success With Empower Network

I’m Spilling the Secret to Empower Network

Okay…let me be totally blunt here.

You can either soak in what you read here and believe it or just simply cast it aside and do nothing. It’s up to you, as it should be.

empower networkI posted a pretty good picture from my Facebook buddy Chance Scoggins the other day that pretty well sums up my philosophy of life in a nutshell.

So after you read this you really have no excuses anymore for why you aren’t successful online.

So let’s get to it.

Here’s the 3 step formula to success online:

  1. Go “All In”
  2. Get to the Events
  3. Get 2 Signups a Day

That’s it!

It’s not complicated AND it’s not difficult.

Empower Network Step #1

Go “All In”.

There’s a perfectly logical reason for telling you to do this and it has everything to do with the compensation plan at Empower Network and how you get paid. If you own all the products, then you can get paid on all the products. If you don’t own all the products, then you won’t be paid on all the products.

How simple is that?

Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe of Empower Network understand the statistics and they know what it takes to make 30K a month with the business. And if you follow the simple 3 step formula then you can accomplish that goal. But it takes going “All In”.


We’ll get to that in step 3. But let’s look at the importance of step 2.

Empower Network Step #2

Get to the events.

The next event is in Chicago April 19th thru the 21st 2013.

Why do you need to be there?

Going “All In” isn’t just about purchasing all the products at Empower Network. Going “All In” means committing to the business, not just in your head, but in your heart. Going “All In” means surrounding yourself with like-minded people who not only believe in themselves, BUT believe in YOU!

If you aren’t committed 100% then what you are saying to yourself is that you really don’t believe you can be successful with your business, and if you feed your subconscious those negative thoughts, then it will make sure you accomplish your goal of not being successful.

But BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART that this 3 step formula will work and your subconscious mind will set about in MIRACULOUS ways to make sure you reach your goals! It’s almost like the universe just opens up and creates paths to your success.

So you need to develop that mindset and the events reinforce it for you.

Empower Network Step #3

Get 2 signups a day.


See, there’s your Doubting Thomas mind again trying to convince you that there must be a catch.

How in the world can you possibly get 2 signups a day?

Well, first of all, let’s discuss why 2 signups a day for 90 days will help you achieve 30K a month in revenue.

And this goes back to what I was referring to under Step #1.

Dave & Dave understand the statistics of the business and they know that if you get 180 people who sign up for the $25 blogging platform, that it will lead to 30K a month in revenue on average.

$25 a month for 180 people only amounts to $4500 a month. But they understand that a certain percentage of those will upgrade and purchase all or some of the other products. And based on those numbers, you can reach 30K a month.

Now, let me be blunt once again, and say that those numbers are not typical; however you can check out Empower Network’s Income Disclosure Statement to check all the details of how their affiliates are doing.

Now, to the point about getting 2 signups a day.

The products within Empower Network show you how to do that.

However, at TeamTissa we’ve taken it even further by helping you even more and getting your business on the Fast Track.

You see, Tissa Godavitarne, the Founder of TeamTissa, understands that there are 3 main problems that face most people when they try to succeed online:

  • Generating Targeted Traffic
  • Properly Following Up With Any Leads Generated
  • Easy Duplication for You and Your Team Members

You can read more about how Tissa solves these issues for you with my article entitled “TeamTissa Will Rock Empower Network in 2013“.

Sign Up With Empower Network Today

So there you have it.

It’s a very simple 3 step formula for success and…

It works!

It’s been proven time and time again with lots of people.

So if you’re tired of failure and not living life on your terms, then join Empower Network TODAY and let TeamTissa help you achieve your dreams.

empower network