Why Did This Dancer Join Empower Network and Then Go to Thailand?

Jonathan Roumain probably never imagined that he would end up in Thailand filming a reality television show with Project AWOL.

jonathan roumain

But here he was getting ready to plunge head long into a week of marketing training that would help him to live another way of life.

Why did Jonathan decide to make the trek to Phuket, Thailand with 7 other marketers to appear in The Project AWOL Reality Show?

To anyone who has a real passion about something it will make total sense.

You see, Jonathan loves to dance.

But he was finding out that dancing was becoming a chore, a necessity, just a way to pay the bills.


And it was destroying the love he had for the art and to just dance for the pure sake of dancing.

So Jonathan had turned online to try to find another way to earn a living. He had found limited success in the past and was now seeking the knowledge he needed to finally take his online business to a new level. This would free him up to dance on his own terms, and not because he had to in order to make ends meet.

There was one other reason as well, and this is one that a LOT of people have.

He wanted to prove to his girlfriend that he wasn’t wasting his time online. Lots of people run into this situation where a spouse or significant other doesn’t have the same faith in the business as they do.

He even asked her to go to Thailand with him but she decided not to go.

So Jonathan’s motivation to succeed was very high.

I was privileged to be at the Empower Network event in Denver back in June 2013, and saw Jonathan showcase his talent to over 6,000 people.

I wonder if Jonathan ever envisioned himself being on a stage in front of that many people BEFORE he went to Thailand. Or if he did, did he really believe it was possible?

My gut feeling tells me that the sky is the limit for Jonathan, not only with his dance career, but with his online career as well.

You can watch Jonathan and 7 others start their adventure in Thailand in the first episode of the Project AWOL Reality Show.


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Why Did This Helicopter Pilot Turn Online with Project AWOL?

nick logan project awolNick Logan seemed to have it all.

He had fulfilled his dream of becoming a licensed helicopter pilot and was earning a good living doing so. You would think he was happy. And in many ways he was.

But like a lot of people who have successfully pursued an ambition and accomplished it, there were down sides to doing so as well.

Nick was working a LOT of hours and his routine wasn’t on a consistent basis. Some days he was working in the morning and other times he was working in the evening. He would work several days in a row and then have several days off. This made it difficult to plan any kind of normal life.

Also, in the process of becoming a competent helicopter pilot, Nick had racked up quite a substantial debt. Many college students know the feeling when they accumulate student loan debt just trying to get a decent education. Then they hope to get a decent job when they graduate, and if they are fortunate enough to do so, they spend many years just trying to pay back their student loans.

So Nick, like a lot of people, turned online to try to supplement his income just to make things a little easier for himself.

Nick joined seven other people in Phuket, Thailand to learn how to work less and live more.

And what he found when he did so allowed him to, not just help with his current situation, but provided him with the avenue to live another way of life.

You can watch Nick’s journey in the Project AWOL Reality Show.

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Learn How a Woman On Public Assistance Found Another Way of Life with Project AWOL

brandye of project awol

Meet Brandye (she’s the one on the right).

Brandye is a single mother who has spent the last few years of her life making ends meet by receiving public assistance.

And she said she was tired of always relying on somebody else to provide the things she and her son always needed and/or wanted.

But it really sank home how bad things had become for her and her son when she overheard him talking with a friend one day.

You see, it had become quite normal over the years for her son to ask if he could do or have something, and her response was always “No son, we can’t afford that.” So that fateful day, her son’s friend asked him if he could do something requiring some money, and she overheard him respond “There’s no way my Mom can do that. She can’t afford it.”

Her heart sank.

The realization was that she had trained her son to expect for them to never have any money.

Things had to change!

That’s when she made the decision to take massive action and finally do something about the situation they were in.

And when I say massive action, it becomes obvious that is what Brandye did when she decided to travel to Phuket Thailand with 7 other entrepreneurial-minded people in order to learn how to live another way of life from people who have actually done it.

Eight people, from various backgrounds, come together in the Project AWOL mansion for a week to discover how they can finally live the kind of life they have always wanted.

And you can watch the first episode of their adventure NOW!

project awol thailand

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Starting a Business Is a Necessity In Today’s Economy

I came across this article and it reminded me why I got into the home business industry to begin with.


That’s a frightening statistic!

The article states as follows:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

Many, including myself, have been sounding the alarm on this scenario for years. Combine our continued massive spending (now approaching over 80% of GDP), and that sucking sound of manufacturing  jobs that Ross Perot warned about and that are a result of supposed “free trade agreements” and our country is on the brink.

Our politicians on both sides of the aisle have betrayed us with back room deals in order to line their own pockets with special interest cash, prominent positions of power, and perks only reserved for the upper class in Washington D.C..

3385695277I seriously doubt the freight train that is headed towards the financial cliff can be averted to another track.

Almost 50% of the American public pays no income taxes and a growing number of citizens are becoming addicted to some form of assistance from the federal government.

Add in the looming “trainwreck” that is Obamacare, and not only will government spending skyrocket even more to eventual total collapse, but a majority of Americans will rely on government assistance at an alarming rate.

Self-reliance and independence, free from government interference, is what made this country great. But the United States has become a socialist society, doomed to failure as has been the fate of every other government that tried their hand at socialist dogma.

So the question you must ask yourself is “What am I going to do about it?”

Are you simply going to allow the forces of evil to dictate what happens in your life and the lives of your loved ones?

Or will you fight?

If you’re serious about protecting yourself, family, and friends, then it is time to take massive action.

Starting your own business is a necessity in today’s economy.

Being successful with your business is your ticket to living life on your own terms.

You will get to set the rules. You get to dominate the game.

To do otherwise is simply to throw in the towel, give up, and tell the forces of evil that they win.

Don’t be a wussy!

Take control of your life and use your God-given abilities to win this game of life.

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The Proper Mindset for Opening a Business

The Keys to Opening a Business


I received an email yesterday from someone who had opted-in to my email list and when I read it I immediately thought to myself that this person sadly does not have the proper mindset for opening a business. It’s just 5 short sentences long and yet full of reasons why that person cannot succeed, not just in business, but I would suspect, in life. What follows is the email I received:

“its a sad thing when people do not see eye to eye. i get these phony e mails it is hard to trust someone who makes promises they cannot do i know who is legit? i am out of work and do not have start up cash.i do not get involved with these things for a good reason.”



“It’s a sad thing when people do not see eye to eye”

No. What’s sad is when someone looks you in the eye, but you aren’t listening with your ears to what they tell you. You opted-in to my email list because you are apparently looking for a way out of the situation you are in. But then when you hear a way out, you would rather just dismiss it than take action. Taking action means you actually have to do some work and take responsibility for your own actions.

“I get these phony emails”

I love this one. This person opted-in to my list and so I responded with an email offering to help them be successful with a home business. But somehow my email became a “phony” email. How he made that determination is unclear since he never bothered to investigate what I was offering to him, or me for that matter. All someone has to do is Google me and they will find a lot of information on Gary Chappelle  to validate any claims I have ever made.

“It is hard to trust someone who makes promises they cannot keep”

Wow! This sentence is filled with defeatism.

There’s an old saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. It seems to me that it’s probably hard to trust someone who has given you cause not to trust them. But when you’ve never even worked with them before, then the lack of trust is unwarranted. So stating that it’s hard to trust someone whom you’ve never even met is simply an excuse to not do anything.

And then claiming that someone whom you’ve never met makes promises they cannot keep is a cop out. The products and training we offer via Empower Network are top rate and they can help anyone improve their existing business. And, if they choose, they can build a business promoting Empower Network.

It also alleviates the person of any responsibility by putting the onus on the other party. In other words, what this person is really saying to themselves is “I can’t make this business work UNLESS they do all the work for me and GUARANTEE I will be successful.” This person figures if we won’t do that then OBVIOUSLY we aren’t keeping our promises. This kind of thinking is a big RED FLAG!

The truth is nobody can guarantee if anyone will be successful with their own business or not. It all depends on what kind of person someone is, how well they listen, how trainable they are, how hard they are willing to work, and how consistent and persistent they are in seeing their dreams come to fruition. People who don’t believe that are people who expect everything to be handed them on a silver platter. And if they aren’t given that, then it’s the other person who has not kept their promises.

“How do i know who is legit?”

Well, again…

How about doing some work for yourself and doing a little investigation?

Go onto Google, Bing, or one of the other search engines and type in Empower Network and check it out.

The Empower Network Training and tools help anyone improve their existing business, or start a business with Empower Network.

We had over 6,000 people at our last event in Chicago and 95% said they are making money with the business.

Empower Network has paid out millions of dollars to its members in the last 18 months.

Our income disclosure statement is readily available for anyone to peruse.

“I am out of work and do not have start up cash”

It seems to me this person would have been a prime candidate for opening a business a long time ago. Yet, instead of recognizing that, he would prefer to just self-perpetuate the obvious. It’s a Catch-22. He needed to have his own business before he lost his job. But now he can’t start a business because he lost his job.

Instead of talking about ALL the reasons why he can’t start his own business, he should be actively putting together a plan to do so.

People who are determined to improve their lives don’t make excuses. They develop the proper mindset and find ways to get things done.

I personally know several people who wanted to get “All In” with Empower Network (buy all the products), but didn’t have the money to do it. Yet, they found the money in very creative ways.  The old adage “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” comes to mind. Some people have the right mindset when it comes to opening a business while others languish in their inability to focus on what they want out of life.

“I do not get involved with these things for a good reason”

Really? What’s the good reason?

The guy is sitting at home without a job and no money.

Sounds like a good reason to me for not opening a business, right?

People who think like this need a major mindset shift.

Empower Network helps in that regard as well.

You see, we like to say that Empower Network is a leadership factory disguised as a business opportunity.

We are creating leaders who, in turn, can go out and create other successful leaders.

Is Opening a Business an Option for You?

opening a business with deb and meI believe that opening a business is an option for everyone, especially in today’s economy.

Deb and I started our online business back in 2008 and we haven’t looked back since. I won’t say it’s all been a bed of roses. It took a lot of hard work to get where we are today, and we’re still not where we want to be. But we’re continuing to grow our business and looking forward to the day when we can accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves and our family.

And then we will set new goals.

And here’s the cool part. You never have to retire unless you just want to.

As for us, we absolutely love what we do and hope we can continue to do it for a long time to come.

If you have the same kind of entrepreneurial mindset and want to live life on your own terms, then we’d love for you to join us.