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If this all seems too impossible, think again.

Contrary to popular belief, making money online is quite easy…

If you have the…

  • Right mindset
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The Basic Two Steps to Building a Successful Online Business

It may seem too simple, but there are really just two basic steps to building a successful online business.

Step One to Building a Successful Online Business

The first is generating leads.

emailmarketingI remember when I first started out trying to get my first lead online, it seemed like such a daunting task. I created ads using all kinds of interesting pictures, headlines, colors, text size, etc. and nothing seemed to work. I tried CraigsList, traffic exchanges, safelists, classified ads, and then graduated to paid advertising where it seemed like all I did was drain my marketing budget.

Days, and weeks passed before that exciting day when I realized someone had actually seen my ad, and not only that, but signed up for my business!

But my jubilation was short lived as more days and weeks passed without another sign up.

The HUGE mistake that I had made was that even though I had put a lot of time and effort into creating what I thought was a captivating ad, I had not created a way to capture a prospect’s contact information so I could follow up with them.

This may seem pretty obvious to someone who has been online for awhile, but for someone who is new to online marketing, this is a true revelation.

One always needs to create an ad that contains what is called an opt-in form, that allows the collection of a name, and email address at a minimum. If you can also collect a phone number, then all the better.

To do this requires that you have an autoresponder. There are a lot of good ones out there, including Aweber, GetResponse, and GVO.

Using an autoresponder allows you to do what is called “building your list”.

Your list is simply a collection of leads that you’ve accumulated using a variety of ad campaigns.

Which brings us to the second step for building a successful online business.

Step Two to Building a Successful Online Business

The second step is converting your leads to sales.

The truth is that once you learn some simple marketing strategies, generating at least 30 leads a day is a rather simple process.

But where people then run into difficulty is learning to convert those 30 leads a day to sales.

There are a lot of different strategies to doing this, and I will run through a couple, and then explain what I believe is the best way to achieve your goal.

Many people suggest loading up your autoresponder with pre-formatted emails that will trickle out to your list over time. The number of emails you load can vary. Some people suggest 6 to 10 emails. Others recommend loading 30 emails. And even others recommend 60, 90, or more.

Some people suggest setting these emails up to automatically send every day. Some suggest sending several emails a day, while others recommend sending them every couple of days, and then others once a week.

As you can see, there appear to be as many ways to set up interacting with your leads as there are people who do it.

But here is my recommendation after years of experimenting with email campaigns.

Don’t use a pre-formatted email series!

If you really want to have success with your leads, then the important thing is to build a relationship with your leads.

Don’t see your leads as just numbers. Realize they are real people who are interested in what you have to offer based on the ad that you marketed. They were so interested, in fact, they trusted you with their name and email address.

And also understand that these people, more than likely, don’t know you from Adam.

99 out of 100 times, a person isn’t going to just whip out their credit card and sign up for your offer after seeing your ad one time and opting in to your list.

They usually want to know more about you, what your background is, and maybe even personal details like where you live and whether you even have a family or not.

There’s an old saying that goes “People don’t join businesses. They join people.”

And it gets back to an old truism that people need to “know,like, and trust you” before they will do business with you.

Let’s face it.

We all know some of the garbage that exists on the internet, right?

People have become skeptical, jaded, and cynical when it comes to online businesses.

And that’s unfortunate because there are a LOT of good companies out there where one can earn a substantial living online. But bad companies often give a bad name to the industry.

So it’s up to you to break through the stereotype that most people have about affiliate marketing, network marketing, and MLMs in general.

Create emails that are relevant, current, and provide value to your list of leads. And I would recommend emailing no more than once a week.

Genuinely care about your list. Protect it. And make sure that your leads know that they are safe being on your list.

You don’t want to continually hit them over the head with offer after offer, as though you see them as just a dollar sign.

If you are in a business that truly can help people earn a living online, then be the kind of person the business represents. Be the person that is there to help your leads reach their goals, their potential, their dreams in life.

If you build a relationship with your list then you will find that people will naturally gravitate to you and want to work with you.

My friend and mentor taught me that one needs to learn how to “give to get”. And it’s so true and magical. If you give of yourself to others, then it always comes back to you.

So building a successful online business online comes down to generating leads, and converting those leads to sales. If you master these two skills, you will be on your way to fulfilling your own aspirations and dreams in life.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

If it does, post a comment here and let me know what you think.

Until next time…

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Can the “Woo Cs” Gang Stop Dave & Dave from Finding Casey?

caseyIn Video 1 we learned that “Mister K” and the Guru Syndicate were determined to stop Dave & Dave from launching “The BlogBeast”, Empower Network’s new mobile app blogging platform.

To that end, they kidnapped Casey, Empower Network’s Lead Developer, and locked him away in an undisclosed location.

What the kidnappers didn’t know though, was that Casey had his mobile phone still with him, and he could easily use “The BlogBeast” to alert Dave & Dave of his predicament.

We also learned the 17 Blunders that people make when they try to earn money with their blog.

In Video 2 we follow the 2 Daves as they try to discover where Casey is, and rescue him from the evil clutches of his captors.

Oh, and we also learn how “The BlogBeast” can eliminate those 17 Blogging Blunders previously mentioned.

Can Dave & Dave thwart the Guru Syndicate and save the launch of “The BlogBeast” ?

It will be tough.

They not only will have to struggle with the “Woo Cs” Gang, who ends up stealing a flash drive that contains a vital clue to Casey’s whereabouts, but they will also have to struggle with getting their super hero costumes on again. That’s NEVER a pretty sight!

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“Mister K” and the Syndicate Try to Stop the BlogBeast Launch

In 2007, the mysterious “Mister K”, and several other top internet marketers, gathered at his estate in San Diego to plot how they would rule the internet marketing world.


They have been highly successful ever since.

What they didn’t envision though, was that two down-on-their-luck marketers would create a company that was designed to help affiliates be successful. In fact, they did what nobody in the industry considered a workable compensation model…

They paid 100% commissions!

And they decided that they would earn just like all the other affiliates…

Were they out of their minds?

“Mister K” thought so.

But when the company started on Halloween in 2011, nobody thought that two years later they would have grown to over 150,000 members and paid out close to $100 Million in commissions!

The company website would rise in the Alexa rankings to be in the top 100 sites trafficked in the United States and in the top 300 in the world!

“Mister K” and the syndicate were not pleased.

This new company was cutting into their slice of internet domination.

But things were about to get worse.

Rumors leaked out in early 2013 that this upstart company, that dared to actually help people earn money online, was about to release a new product that was so revolutionary, it would provide the keys to the kingdom on how to earn money online.

Over a year in development at a cost of over $3 Million dollars, this new product was going to change everything about how people shared content on the internet, making it as easy as a couple of clicks of a button.

And when it was finally revealed in Denver by Casey, the lead developer for this company, to a group of over 5 thousand excited members, “Mister K” went into panic mode.

The product was affectionately called “The BlogBeast”, but “Mister K” had no intention of letting it be released to the public.

It was time for desperate action.

So “Mister K” called a couple of his cronies and hatched a plan to kidnap Casey and stop the BlogBeast Launch.

What you about the see in the following movie, is that story.

It’s a story of David versus Goliath…of the little guy against the machine, of just regular folks fighting the forces of evil.

It might sound like hyperbole.

But for thousands of people who had never made a dime in internet marketing before, it’s a story that MUST be told.

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The Blogbeast Has Launched! Get On the Waiting List.

cartshutdownAt 10AM Eastern this morning (October 8th, 2013), the cart was shut down and no one is now allowed to get in for the launch of BlogBeast.

Did you get in before the shutdown?

I’ve been telling everyone I know that this is going to be one of the biggest(if not THE biggest) launches in internet marketing history, and if they ever wished they were in the right place at the right time, then they needed to get in before 10AM Eastern.

Many people heeded my advice and got in. They’ve now positioned themselves to be highly successful with their internet marketing business. They took action. Great for them. Not so great for those who have procrastinated, made excuses, and have continued to sit on the sidelines.

But all is not lost for those.

They can still get on the waiting list for The BlogBeast when it opens back up to the public on October 18th.

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So it wasn’t a gimmick. It wasn’t hype.

The cart has shutdown and no one else can get in for 10 days.

But if you are smart, then you won’t make the same mistake again when the cart reopens on October 18th.

Opportunities like this don’t come along very often. So when they do, you have to act. Or look back a few months from now and wonder why you didn’t take advantage.

The truth is our team members are having incredible success online, some of them for the first time in their lives.

It isn’t a fluke.

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