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Why Knowing Your “Cost Per Acquisition” and “Lifetime Customer Value” Are Critical to Your Business

If you want to be successful in any business then it is critical that you acquaint yourself with two very important terms. What Is Cost Per Acquisition? The first is “Cost Per Acquisition” or CPA for short. CPA is the amount of time and/or money that one has to spend in order to acquire one […]


A Strange Prediction for Anna Linnehan Comes True with Project AWOL

Three years ago Anna Linnehan was a successful businesswoman, running 2 separate businesses at the time. However, she also found herself burned out working 80 to 90 hours a week and really finding no time for herself or her family. An acquaintance of hers, a Mister Yogi from India, happened to be walking by one […]


Why Did This Dancer Join Empower Network and Then Go to Thailand?

Jonathan Roumain probably never imagined that he would end up in Thailand filming a reality television show with Project AWOL. But here he was getting ready to plunge head long into a week of marketing training that would help him to live another way of life. Why did Jonathan decide to make the trek to […]


Why Did This Helicopter Pilot Turn Online with Project AWOL?

Nick Logan seemed to have it all. He had fulfilled his dream of becoming a licensed helicopter pilot and was earning a good living doing so. You would think he was happy. And in many ways he was. But like a lot of people who have successfully pursued an ambition and accomplished it, there were […]


Learn How a Woman On Public Assistance Found Another Way of Life with Project AWOL

Meet Brandye (she’s the one on the right). Brandye is a single mother who has spent the last few years of her life making ends meet by receiving public assistance. And she said she was tired of always relying on somebody else to provide the things she and her son always needed and/or wanted. But […]