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BIG NEWS – TeamTissa Is Now Part of Team “Take Massive Action”!

  TeamTissa Joins “Team Massive Action”   Last week there was a BIG Announcement that Lawrence Tam’s Team had merged with Chris Record’s Team “Take Massive Action“. Lawrence Tam and Chris Record are two of the biggest leaders in Empower Network, so this merger is monumental. If you don’t know who these two gentlemen are […]


Use Simple2Advertise to Market Your Empower Network Business

Does Simple2Advertise Work? The simple answer is “YES”! I know people in Empower Network who had found it difficult to generate leads and then used Simple2Advertise and received their first leads ever. I’m pretty good at generating leads myself but I wanted to try Simple2Advertise out so I could recommend it to others if it […]


What’s Your “Why” for Starting a Business?

My Motivation for Starting a Business I started my online career back in 2008 out of necessity. I had a successful computer consulting business in the Atlanta area that I had been running since 1994 but was finding it increasingly difficult to find clients who needed my area of expertise, especially when more and more […]


The 3 Step Formula for Success With Empower Network

I’m Spilling the Secret to Empower Network Okay…let me be totally blunt here. You can either soak in what you read here and believe it or just simply cast it aside and do nothing. It’s up to you, as it should be. I posted a pretty good picture from my Facebook buddy Chance Scoggins the […]


TeamTissa Advertising For You!

TeamTissa Is All About Us TeamTissa was formed to promote various businesses that Tissa Godavitarne believes in, and what that requires is that that the business offers 2 primary things to its members: 1. Value to the customer 2. Value to the member In other words, the products and services of the business that all […]