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Stop Being an Ambulance Chaser with Your Business

Do you really want to start having some success building your online business? Then stop being an ambulance chaser. Sometimes, especially when you first start out in this business, you are so desperate to just start getting some signups that you’re like the shady lawyer who follows the ambulance to the scene of an accident […]


The Secret to Success Is to Never Quit

It may sound like a cliche, but I can recite story after story to demonstrate that the secret to success is to never quit. It was my pleasure to be on the Marketers MasterMind today with three of my personal friends and fellow internet marketers (The “Real” Chad Cook, Ed Mayer, and Paul Falardeau). We […]


Why Did This Dancer Join Empower Network and Then Go to Thailand?

Jonathan Roumain probably never imagined that he would end up in Thailand filming a reality television show with Project AWOL. But here he was getting ready to plunge head long into a week of marketing training that would help him to live another way of life. Why did Jonathan decide to make the trek to […]


The Proper Mindset for Opening a Business

The Keys to Opening a Business   I received an email yesterday from someone who had opted-in to my email list and when I read it I immediately thought to myself that this person sadly does not have the proper mindset for opening a business. It’s just 5 short sentences long and yet full of […]


Latest Results with the EZ Money Network Platform

Back in April is when I gave my latest update on the EZ Money Network Platform, so I thought I’d provide my latest results. Now these earnings aren’t typical, so please check out GVO, Pure Leverage, and Empower Network¬†on your own to learn more about these businesses and their income disclosures. I have been online […]