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If you haven't heard of Tissa Godavitarne, then that's okay. He calls himself the "Non-Guru". But those of us who have known him for many years know enough to listen to him when he speaks. And he has spoken again about what business he plans to focus on in 2013. I've already joined him. How about you?

Inside the Video You’ll Discover...

  • Bullet 1 - The two main problems facing most people when they try to start an online business.
  • Bullet 2 - Traffic generation and why you don't need to worry about it.
  • Bullet 3 - Proper follow up with your leads and how it's taken care of for you..
  • Bullet 4 - How to build a list on auto-pilot if you choose to do so (not required but useful)
  • Bullet 5 - Why you need to join TeamTissa TODAY!

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