Are you kidding…

Are you kidding…700 real time guaranteed leads a month?

Just a quick note to let you know that Michael and Glenn over at M&G have done it again…

I thought 300+ leads a day was insane. But now they have created what
they call the Silver Package.

And the Silver delivers either 700 LEADS A DAY, or…

28 Real-Time Guaranteed Leads a Day for 25 days a month!

That’s 700 Real-Time leads a month…

Which is ONLY 20 cents a lead!

That’s crazy stuff.

What does that mean?

A real-time lead is the best kind of lead. It’s someone looking for info on
a home business by filling out a form. And when they do, they are immediately delivered to your in-house M&G autoresponder so that you can start providing them details about YOUR business. In other words, these leads are…


You even receive their phone number so you can call them if you choose.

If you are already an M&G member then look for the upgrade option in
your back office.

If not, then sign up now!

You not only can earn an income from promoting your primary business,
but you can earn with M&G as well by simply telling others. Check out the
compensation plan.

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