The Truth About Listbuilding.

The Truth About Listbuilding.

Do you want some straight talk?

We’re not talking about your warm market here, including people you might know on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media circles.

We’re referring to cold market, down in the trenches gorilla marketing, where you are trying to build a responsive list from people who probably have NEVER heard of you.

It’s pretty easy to build a list like that…

– If you just want to add a bunch of non-responsive numbers to your autoresponder.

– If you want to pay your autoresponder service extra money for adding hundreds of email addresses that do nothing but occupy space.

– If you want to brag to your friends how easy it is to add subscribers, even if they never convert and make you money.

Some "gurus" tell you to build your list with solo ads. But here’s the dirty little secret…

Most solo ad providers build their list by using other solo ad providers’ lists!

How’s that working out for you?

The truth about listbuilding is that it takes time and work to build a truly responsive list.

And here’s the harsh reality with building your list from a cold market.

For every 1,000 people who might opt-in to your lead capture page, you might get 1 or 2 people who will follow through and be truly interested in what you have to offer.

That’s just marketing reality.

Because the majority of people find it easy to put in their email address to get information on a product or service. But they rarely will actually read a followup email or even less, click on a link in that email to get more information.

If you’ve been trying to find success with your business using this method then you know from experience what I’m talking about. These are the COLD, HARD FACTS that the "gurus" don’t want to tell you!

They want you to believe that you can succeed this way.


But the problem is they DON’T provide you with ALL the INFORMATION you need to be successful.

And the first bit of information you need is what I mentioned above.

You need thousands of leads from a cold market to get a few who will actually respond to find out what you have to offer.

That means you have to push through your funnel hundreds of leads a day.

– How many marketers have the skill set to know how to do that?

– How many marketers have the money to do that?

– How many marketers have their funnel set up to filter out the "tire kickers", those people who aren’t interested in what they have to offer, from the "hot leads" who are really interested?

Not too many I’m sure.

But there is a way for the average marketer, whether a newbie or someone still struggling to find success, to solve the issues of listbuilding from a cold market.

You can actually get 10,000 prospects a month pushed into your funnel for a very affordable price.

And the funnel automatically filters out the people who aren’t interested in your offer from those who are.

And what if you could get 1 or 2 serious leads out of every 1,000 prospects?

That would be 10 – 20 hot leads every single month.

That may NOT sound like much but would that number HELP your business significantly?

And if your business grew, could you reinvest some of your profits to purchase even MORE PROSPECTS every month so that you could generate even MORE HOT LEADS?

What if you could generate 2 HOT LEADS a day?

I recently wrote a FREE E-book that explains listbuilding…

What is is, why it is important, and how you can affordably start generating hot leads every single day.

It’s perfect for the new marketer just starting out.

But it’s also worthwhile for the experienced marketer who may be looking to figure this whole listbuilding thing out and make it FINALLY work for them.

I hope you enjoy it, and I’d appreciate any feedback from those of you who download and read it.


Happy Marketing!

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