Blogl Is In High Demand by Bloggers Everywhere!

Blogl Is In High Demand by Bloggers Everywhere!

Ever since Tissa Godavitarne released to his own team in Empower Network, other teams have really expressed a desire to have it for themselves.

And for good reasons.

It’s simply the best tool I have used in the last several years. makes it easy to blog, because it simply takes what you post on Facebook and makes it a post on your blog. And since content written in Facebook isn’t normally indexed by the search engines, this is a fantastic way to make it so.

And works with several types of blogs including Empower Network, Pure Leverage, GDI, and WordPress.

And here’s the good news… will be made available to everyone!

You can try a free demo right now.

Just go here:


Try it out for yourself on one of your own blogs and see how easy it is to blog just doing what you do everyday on Facebook.

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