If You Can Facebook, Then You Can Blog.

If You Can Facebook, Then You Can Blog.

Check this out. I have been beta testing this new tool out called from Tissa Godavitarne.

Having a blog for yourself is one of the best ways to get the message out about your passion, whether it’s business or pleasure.

Facebook is similar to Las Vegas in that their content is what is called a "walled garden". In other words, what happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook.

So the search engines, like Google, don’t index ALL that content that I, you, and millions of other people place on Facebook every day.

But allows us to take the content we post on Facebook and turn it into a blog post which IS indexed by Google, which means that content CAN be searched by everyone, whether they are on Facebook or not.

Pretty powerful strategy because my blog points back to my Facebook Page which creates lots of engagement, which is what we want.

And your blog really serves no purpose if you don’t have eyeballs seeing it, right?

Considering my Facebook Fan Page and blog were only created about 2 weeks ago, those are pretty fair statistics for just organic traffic (see the image).

Now what about

Well, it works with WordPress blogs, as well as Empower Network, Pure Leverage, and GDI blogs.

If you’re like me, always struggling to figure out what to blog about every day, but on Facebook every day creating genuine, original content, then is probably for you.

And it will be launching to the public soon.

To get on the waiting list and be one of the first to try out a free demo when it launches, then sign up here:


If you can Facebook, then you can blog.

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