Time to Get Down to Business At the Empower Event.

Time to Get Down to Business At the Empower Event.

Yesterday was a blur.

Woke up at 2:22 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Headed to the airport at 5am and caught our plane to Miami. Landed, checked in at the hotel, and then registered for the Empower Event.

It was quite an adventure but figured out how to catch the bus to get to South Beach for a little beach time, shopping, and lunch. The bus is only $2.25 one way so quite a deal compared to taxis that will cost $20+.

Enjoyed Lincoln Avenue with all their shops and open air restaurants. Headed back to the hotel to meetup with fellow team members around 3pm. And then headed upstairs for the Empower Event.

Around 8pm I was beginning to feel the effects of waking up so early and could barely keep myself awake so headed up to the room for room service and sleep.

Woke up at 6am and feel refreshed!

Today will be a first for Empower Network. A lot of great workshops to choose from on various topics from some of the top earners in Empower. Everything from Vick Strizheus talking traffic and conversions to Tony Rush talking about "The Story of You" and how to brand yourself to attract prospects. Leaders like Lawrence Tam, Tracey Walker, Nicole Cooper, "The Hippy Jedi", Aaron Rashkin, and Kevin and Melissa Knecht, and others will be teaching as well.

And that’s just the morning!

Then the actual Freedom Event restarts at 1:30.

Should be an informative morning and afternoon.

And if that’s not enough, at 7pm we regather TeamTissa members for the news of the launch of to the public and ways TeamTissa members can leverage, not only to create content for their Empower Blog, as well as other blogs they may own, but to monetize as a stand-alone product!


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