What to Do If Your Facebook Ad Is Disapproved.

What to Do If Your Facebook Ad Is Disapproved.

If you use Facebook Ads for marketing then here is a helpful tip that will hopefully save you some time.

If you create a Facebook Ad and they disapprove it, what you should do?

It’s simple really…

And it depends on why they disapproved your ad, but if you believe you haven’t violated their terms of service, then write them back and explain why.

Yesterday, I set up several Facebook Ads and a couple of them were not approved. I was pretty confident I didn’t create any ads that crossed the bounds, so I put my case together.

I explained why I didn’t believe my ads should have been disapproved, and I even attached a copy of my ads to back up the point just to make sure we were all on the same page.

The outcome?

You can see their response in the picture.

The Facebook people are quite reasonable and willing to admit mistakes as long as you can make a valid argument.

So don’t give up if you think you are in the right. You may just prevail.

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