You Can Easily Blog to GDI with BLOGL!

You Can Easily Blog to GDI with BLOGL!

So I have been mesmerized by the capabilities and power of the tool for the last few days. And as I was continuing to create voluminous, relevant content to my blogs from Facebook, I remembered I still had a GDI account from my old days with Tissa Godavitarne and APS, my first online business venture.

In fact, my old domain name with GDI was still active. (It it’s not working anymore it’s because I have requested it to be cancelled).

So since GDI now allows WordPress, I decided to purchase a new domain and use with it. I mean, since I’m still with GDI after all these years (and still receiving checks from them after all this time), I might as well put it to good use, right?

So here is my new domain:

As you can see I haven’t done much with it yet. But that’s about to change since I have

If anyone out there still has a GDI account, take notice that you can easily blog from Facebook to your GDI blog.

And if you’re like me and have multiple blogs, be aware that you can also use with Empower Network, Pure Leverage, and WordPress installations on your own domains.

So get Blo.gling right away!

And take the stress out of figuring out what you want to blog about every day.


If you can Facebook, then you can

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3 Responses to “You Can Easily Blog to GDI with BLOGL!”

  1. Hey Gary,

    First, welcome back to GDI… in a way. :)

    Blogl is a great idea! In the past I found it funny when team members said they didn’t know what to blog about. But then you go to their Facebook feed and… they have a lot to blog about!

    This is a great tool! Thanks!


  2. Hey Vincent. I never left. Just haven’t promoted it much in awhile because I was building other businesses. But I STILL get a check.

  3. Steven says:

    Daveberta,I would be worried if I was you. As Kinsella retlncey stated, Mr. Martin still has a couple days worth of control of our military. He might be sicking the JTF2 on you.

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