New TeamTakeMassiveAction Site Rocks Empower Network!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new teamtakemassiveaction site yet, check it out right now!


And if you haven’t registered for our new team site yet, make sure you do it right now as well, by clicking the login link at the top right of the page.

The new site is AWESOME and team members are seeing amazing results from using it!

What’s So Great About the New TeamTakeMassiveAction Site? 

if you aren’t having success in your Empower Network business, one of the most common reasons is that you might not be treating it like a “business”!

In a real business, you need to be able to do the following:

  • monitor your metrics
  • monitor traffic
  • monitor leads
  • monitor conversions
  • and more…

And that’s exactly what our new team site does for you!

AND, our new teamtakemassiveaction site can help follow up with leads on your behalf!

So you no longer need to worry about autoresponders, or anything.

In fact, the old autoresponders are outdated.  Our Team site will now follow up with any leads you generate on your behalf!

We will be launching several new lead capture pages this upcoming week that you can use in your marketing.

Then, the next week we are launching some new sales pages to help you sell more blogs!


We have several advertising coops you can participate in to drive more targeted traffic to your lead capture pages.

Drive More Sales with the New TeamTakeMassiveAction Site

I have a feeling that some of you are going to go from selling NO blogs, to selling 2-5 blogs per day!  First, you have to believe that it’s possible.

After you believe, you have to Take Massive Action!

And that’s where we come in.

We provide the training and tracking to help transition you into a leader!

Plus, with our new Facebook Fan Page Strategy to generate thousands of leads, I truly believe that our team is going to have more success than ever before!

Who’s ready to Take Massive Action with us???


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