Can the “Woo Cs” Gang Stop Dave & Dave from Finding Casey?

caseyIn Video 1 we learned that “Mister K” and the Guru Syndicate were determined to stop Dave & Dave from launching “The BlogBeast”, Empower Network’s new mobile app blogging platform.

To that end, they kidnapped Casey, Empower Network’s Lead Developer, and locked him away in an undisclosed location.

What the kidnappers didn’t know though, was that Casey had his mobile phone still with him, and he could easily use “The BlogBeast” to alert Dave & Dave of his predicament.

We also learned the 17 Blunders that people make when they try to earn money with their blog.

In Video 2 we follow the 2 Daves as they try to discover where Casey is, and rescue him from the evil clutches of his captors.

Oh, and we also learn how “The BlogBeast” can eliminate those 17 Blogging Blunders previously mentioned.

Can Dave & Dave thwart the Guru Syndicate and save the launch of “The BlogBeast” ?

It will be tough.

They not only will have to struggle with the “Woo Cs” Gang, who ends up stealing a flash drive that contains a vital clue to Casey’s whereabouts, but they will also have to struggle with getting their super hero costumes on again. That’s NEVER a pretty sight!

So click the button below, if you dare. And if you haven’t gotten on the waiting list yet to get “The BlogBeast” when it launches, you can do so here.



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