The Attack of the BlogBeast

It’s almost here!


The BlogBeast is rising up from its slumber, climbing out of the sea of content management systems, and getting ready to conquer the countries of the world, devouring everything in its sight.

Even Facebook?

Well, let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves here.

But the BlogBeast is more than just a new blogging platform from Empower Network, developed from the ground floor up. It’s also a social networking platform.

What Empower Network has done is drop WordPress and create something revolutionary…a blogging platform so simple even a Grandma can use it (no offense to tech-savvy Grandmas out there). :-)

And they’ve made it mobile friendly, so that with just a couple of clicks of a button one can easily shoot a video or record an audio with their mobile device and then quickly post it to their blog. No problem.

But there is so much more. Content can be easily shared among other Empower Network members making it a true social networking platform. How cool is that?

Empower Network was already known for the ability to get content ranked highly in the search engines. Now they’ve taken blogging to an entirely new level with BlogBeast.

So if you’ve ever heard anyone ask “Why should I pay $25 for a blogging platform when I can get a blog for free?”, now you know the answer.

Oh yeah, and if you want to earn 100% commissions by marketing the Empower Network line of products you can join as an affiliate and do that as well, as many thousands of others have already done.

BlogBeast is poised to set the standard for content management systems in the years to come.

And who knows?

Maybe even Facebook should be looking over its shoulder.


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