Stop Being an Ambulance Chaser with Your Business

empower networkDo you really want to start having some success building your online business?

Then stop being an ambulance chaser.

Sometimes, especially when you first start out in this business, you are so desperate to just start getting some signups that you’re like the shady lawyer who follows the ambulance to the scene of an accident to see if he can drum up a lawsuit for his business.

You will bend over backwards and do just about anything to get someone to sign up with you, not realizing that this is sending the wrong message to your prospects.

The truth is your time is valuable, and you need to be spending it only with the people who are serious about building their business.

If they are not serious, and start jerking you around, then cut them loose.

Tony Rush, one of several million dollar earners in Empower Network, explains exactly how he handles it.

Tony will occasionally get someone who calls him and asks what they need to do in order to get their business to grow. So Tony will start telling them exactly what they should do, and then they will interrupt explaining why they don’t believe what Tony is telling them will work.

Tony then replies something like “I make a million dollars a year and you told me you were broke. You called me for advice and now you’re saying you don’t want to take it. So why did you call me?”

This is the type of attitude you need to take with your prospects as well.

If a prospect won’t answer or return your phone calls, or won’t respond to emails, then move on. If they say they are going to call on such and such a date and time, and they don’t, don’t waste your time.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I won’t give prospects a second chance. I need to work with those who are serious about building their business and I devote my time on income producing activities.

The facts are that once you take this approach, your business will begin to grow.

There are several factors that play into that but some of them are as follows:

  • You will project a no-nonsense attitude about your business
  • Prospects will now respect your time
  • People will see you, rightly so, as an expert in your field of of marketing

Attraction Marketing  is a huge buzzword these days. According to some the definition is:

What is attraction marketing, it is a strategy to magnetically attract only the most qualified prospects to your websites and business who are already interested and seeking the solutions you provide. (

To me, that is a very poor definition.

Attraction Marketing to me is just being yourself, and putting yourself out there for everyone to see. It’s being honest, ethical, and wanting to help others succeed with you.

Some people will gravitate towards you, and some people will not.

And you know what?

That’s perfectly okay.

Start taking your business seriously, and the people who are attracted to you will be those who take their futures seriously.

Let people pull your chain, and you’ll attract a whole lot of those.

So as Tony says, you can take my advice or not.

If you do great. Deb and I would love to work with you.

If you don’t, then Sayonara!

Until next time…

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2 Responses to “Stop Being an Ambulance Chaser with Your Business”

  1. Hi guys, wow I think you have really hit the nail on the head here, it made me think back about when I first started dabbling on the internet and your comments are spot on, and this was me exactly at the start. While I probably still do ‘chase the ambulance’ to a small degree, you have now definitely changed my mindset about how to deal with prospective followers and clients, so thank you for your very informative insight, I know I can put this information to excellent use at the ‘Living Room office’. I have also signed up for your posts so look forward to interacting with you in the future, you have obviously been doing this for a lot longer than me and I am always trying to learn and develop my internet skills.

    Kind regards,
    Brian @ the ‘Living Room Office’

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