The Secret to Success Is to Never Quit

It may sound like a cliche, but I can recite story after story to demonstrate that the secret to success is to never quit.

It was my pleasure to be on the Marketers MasterMind today with three of my personal friends and fellow internet marketers (The “Real” Chad Cook, Ed Mayer, and Paul Falardeau).

We all have separate stories to tell, and maybe you can identify with one of them.

But the overriding point that came out of our discussion is that, when faced with obstacles that were preventing us from reaching our goals in life, we made a deliberate decision to smash through, go around, or climb over them.

Why do some people have the fortitude to press on, while others give up and quit?

I would venture a guess that it has something to do with that small space that resides between the ears.

In my case, I was engrossed in personal development books at an early age. I read “Think and Grow Rich”, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, and many others. I even read “Psycho-Cybernetics” when I was about 9 years old!

Why was I attracted to such books?

I wish I had the answer, because I really have no idea. All I can state positively is that even at an early age I understood the power of belief, and having a vision for success.

But the point is, no matter your circumstances, no matter your place in life, or even how old your are, it is never too late to decide to start living life on your own terms.

the secret to success


One of the primary reasons we love Empower Network is because it not only provides us with an awesome blogging tool to get our content ranked, and superior training to make us better internet marketers, but it emphasizes personal development. Because without fixing what is between our ears, we will just continue to wander aimlessly as sea without a compass.

Having a vision of where you want to go in life is critical to your success.

Empower Network teaches you how to define that vision and see it to its ultimate fulfillment.

Decision and Persistence.

It is often said that change takes time, but the decision to change happens in an instant.

Make that change and then also decide to never quit.

We opened with a cliche, so let’s end with one…

Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

Make today the day that you decide to take control and be a winner at this game of life!



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