A Strange Prediction for Anna Linnehan Comes True with Project AWOL

Three years ago Anna Linnehan was a successful businesswoman, running 2 separate businesses at the time.

anna linnehan project awol

However, she also found herself burned out working 80 to 90 hours a week and really finding no time for herself or her family.

An acquaintance of hers, a Mister Yogi from India, happened to be walking by one of her shops and walked in, telling her that he felt led to speak with her.

As they engaged in conversation, and Anna began to spill out to him her frustration with all the hours she was having to spend to run her businesses, Mister Yogi suggested she slow down, and begin to do some meditation.

Anna laughed at that suggestion. How was she going to possibly find time to meditate when she was already working so much?

It was at this point in the conversation when Mister Yogi made a very strange comment to Anna.

He told her she would be traveling to Thailand, doing a great deal of writing, and empowering a lot of people.

Three years ago Thailand was the furthest thing from Anna’s mind.

Fast forward to 2013.

Anna found herself traveling to Thailand with 7 other individuals as part of Project AWOL to learn how to live another way of life.

The experience was one Anna said she will never forget. However, the entire time she was there, she just kept thinking that she wished she could share it all with her family. And that is her dream…

To be able to live another way of life so she can bring joy and happiness to her family.

What she learned during the week there has transformed her life. She is now doing a great deal of writing and empowering a lot of others to live the kind of lives they choose.

Mister Yogi seemed to know what he was talking about.

You can watch her journey unfold in the Project AWOL Reality Show.

project awol reality show

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