Why Did This Dancer Join Empower Network and Then Go to Thailand?

Jonathan Roumain probably never imagined that he would end up in Thailand filming a reality television show with Project AWOL.

jonathan roumain

But here he was getting ready to plunge head long into a week of marketing training that would help him to live another way of life.

Why did Jonathan decide to make the trek to Phuket, Thailand with 7 other marketers to appear in The Project AWOL Reality Show?

To anyone who has a real passion about something it will make total sense.

You see, Jonathan loves to dance.

But he was finding out that dancing was becoming a chore, a necessity, just a way to pay the bills.


And it was destroying the love he had for the art and to just dance for the pure sake of dancing.

So Jonathan had turned online to try to find another way to earn a living. He had found limited success in the past and was now seeking the knowledge he needed to finally take his online business to a new level. This would free him up to dance on his own terms, and not because he had to in order to make ends meet.

There was one other reason as well, and this is one that a LOT of people have.

He wanted to prove to his girlfriend that he wasn’t wasting his time online. Lots of people run into this situation where a spouse or significant other doesn’t have the same faith in the business as they do.

He even asked her to go to Thailand with him but she decided not to go.

So Jonathan’s motivation to succeed was very high.

I was privileged to be at the Empower Network event in Denver back in June 2013, and saw Jonathan showcase his talent to over 6,000 people.

I wonder if Jonathan ever envisioned himself being on a stage in front of that many people BEFORE he went to Thailand. Or if he did, did he really believe it was possible?

My gut feeling tells me that the sky is the limit for Jonathan, not only with his dance career, but with his online career as well.

You can watch Jonathan and 7 others start their adventure in Thailand in the first episode of the Project AWOL Reality Show.


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