Why Did This Helicopter Pilot Turn Online with Project AWOL?

nick logan project awolNick Logan seemed to have it all.

He had fulfilled his dream of becoming a licensed helicopter pilot and was earning a good living doing so. You would think he was happy. And in many ways he was.

But like a lot of people who have successfully pursued an ambition and accomplished it, there were down sides to doing so as well.

Nick was working a LOT of hours and his routine wasn’t on a consistent basis. Some days he was working in the morning and other times he was working in the evening. He would work several days in a row and then have several days off. This made it difficult to plan any kind of normal life.

Also, in the process of becoming a competent helicopter pilot, Nick had racked up quite a substantial debt. Many college students know the feeling when they accumulate student loan debt just trying to get a decent education. Then they hope to get a decent job when they graduate, and if they are fortunate enough to do so, they spend many years just trying to pay back their student loans.

So Nick, like a lot of people, turned online to try to supplement his income just to make things a little easier for himself.

Nick joined seven other people in Phuket, Thailand to learn how to work less and live more.

And what he found when he did so allowed him to, not just help with his current situation, but provided him with the avenue to live another way of life.

You can watch Nick’s journey in the Project AWOL Reality Show.

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