Learn How a Woman On Public Assistance Found Another Way of Life with Project AWOL

brandye of project awol

Meet Brandye (she’s the one on the right).

Brandye is a single mother who has spent the last few years of her life making ends meet by receiving public assistance.

And she said she was tired of always relying on somebody else to provide the things she and her son always needed and/or wanted.

But it really sank home how bad things had become for her and her son when she overheard him talking with a friend one day.

You see, it had become quite normal over the years for her son to ask if he could do or have something, and her response was always “No son, we can’t afford that.” So that fateful day, her son’s friend asked him if he could do something requiring some money, and she overheard him respond “There’s no way my Mom can do that. She can’t afford it.”

Her heart sank.

The realization was that she had trained her son to expect for them to never have any money.

Things had to change!

That’s when she made the decision to take massive action and finally do something about the situation they were in.

And when I say massive action, it becomes obvious that is what Brandye did when she decided to travel to Phuket Thailand with 7 other entrepreneurial-minded people in order to learn how to live another way of life from people who have actually done it.

Eight people, from various backgrounds, come together in the Project AWOL mansion for a week to discover how they can finally live the kind of life they have always wanted.

And you can watch the first episode of their adventure NOW!

project awol thailand

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