How to Make Money By Becoming a Servant Leader

On a team webcast last night we discussed how to make money and what the “secret” was for success.



What I suggested was that all you have to do is find out where the undisclosed location is and what the date is for the clandestine meeting where the top 10 or 11 internet marketers in the world meet every year. Crash that meeting or somehow record it and discover all the techniques they are implementing for the next year and you’re in like Flynn.

I joke of course.


Is There a Secret On How to Make Money?


The truth is there is no great secret for how to make money in your business.

If you talk with all the top money earners in Empower Network you’ll discover they are all using a variety of different marketing strategies to reach their goals.

Some of them use paid traffic strategies like Tony Rush.

Or use offline methods such as magazine or postcard ads like Mack Zidan.

While another top money, like Rob Fore, learned how to make money blogging.

The point is that to be successful with your business you have to develop the skills necessary to be effective and that work for you. You may be good at video production, or writing, doing ad copy, pay-per-click ads, or connecting with people on social media like Facebook. Everybody has different skills whether they realize it or not.

And learning what those skills are and how to develop them is what Empower Network is all about.

The products within Empower Network teach you how to be an effective marketer, and not just the mechanical talents that you need to develop, but the psychological aspects of selling as well.

And these are abilities you can apply to any business you’re involved with, now and in the future.

Having said all that, we did also come to the conclusion that if there is one important aspect of being a marketer that will help you achieve success more than any other, it would be learning how to become a servant leader.

Servant leadership is an attribute sorely needed in the home business profession.

And it simply means to help others become successful with their business.

Dave Wood once said “It sucks having a broke team”.

If you’ve been in the home business profession for long and tried to build teams in the past, then you know how frustrating it can be to see your team members struggle to duplicate your success.

That’s why I love the Empower Network Business.

Empower Network’s business model was created with the purpose of making it easy to build teams and help them find success quicker than with other business models.

That’s why Dave & Dave created 100% commissions. It’s why they created pass up commissions. It’s why they designed the 8 core commitments.

It’s why our Team (TeamTissa) also provides value and resources to help our team members learn how to make money online, some of them for the first time ever.

how to make money with tissagodavitarneIt’s why Tissa Godavitarne, our team namesake, pays out of his own pocket for advertising to help our team members succeed and get signups (for team members who show they are committed to their business by becoming an affiliate and purchasing the Basic Blogging Platform and the Inner Circle).

It’s why Brian Michael, another team member and well-known marketer from the UK, provides his own marketing system and advertising rotator where he also pays for advertising for our team. And why he and Chris Farcher provide free training for team members.

Brian Bear, another team member does the same thing with his marketing system, advertising coop, and free training.

I have also written an Ebook called “Explosive Traffic Secrets” that I provide to all members of TeamTissa. In it I outline a traffic strategy that I have used for years to build several businesses in which I have been involved. One team I’ve built to over 1700 members!

And we have other team members as well who provide training and resources to help you succeed.


It’s Not Difficult Being a Servant Leader


But the characteristics of servant leadership isn’t just in providing paid advertising, marketing systems, or traffic strategies to others.

There are many qualities of a servant leader.

It could be simply sharing someone else’s post on Facebook or Twitter. Or lifting them up when they earned a commission or got some leads.

Or maybe recommending a book, video or audio you thought would interest others and help them in their journey.

There are lots of ways to be a servant leader.

And edifying others and helping them achieve success will help YOU to become successful now or in the future, in more ways than one.

If this interests you, then Deb and I would love to have you on our team.

Click on the button below and watch the video, and we’ll see you on the other side.

how to make money with empower network

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  1. Stuart says:

    Excellent article. I myself have now entered the “Making money online” business, Have set up and am offering over one hundred proven programs. Very happy with the feedback and uptake.
    All the best to you too by the way

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