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My wife Deb and I have known Tissa and Carolyn Godavitarne for 5 years now, having joined ACME People Search right after it first launched, and having worked for him for a couple of years as his Affiliate Manager.

We’re good friends.

We’ve been to their home. We’ve eaten together…laughed together…strategized together…and watched their kids grow up right before our eyes.

There isn’t a whole lot that Tissa and Carolyn don’t share with us.


Empower Network Transforms Lives


But this weekend at the Empower Network event in Chicago, they revealed things about themselves, and things they had been going through for the last two years that even Deb and I didn’t know.

Now granted, we knew “something” was going on. You can’t be that close to friends and not sense that something was happening in their lives. But we never imagined that things had gotten that dire.

But we were sensitive enough to know not to pry. Some things are better just to be left alone.

And quite frankly, it had to be tough for them.

And I’m not talking about the financial struggles.

It had to be tough knowing that people had an image of you that was one thing, while knowing deep inside that the image wasn’t accurate.

Knowing Tissa, I’m quite sure that was tough to swallow.

The reason I know that is because he is one of the most ethical and honest men I know.

And speaking about it and telling their story in front of over 5,000 people was NOT an easy thing to do.

But they did.

And the reason they did is because they wanted to show other people, that despite whatever situation they are in, they can also transform their lives and change their destiny.

Have you ever wondered to yourself “How to change my life?”

Change takes time…

But the decision to change happens in an instant.


Let Empire Network Transform Your Life


I had a breakthrough this weekend in Chicago.

It happened on Saturday for me.

I realized my goals were too small.

I recognized that they were now much bigger.

And surprisingly, it wasn’t about the money.

Money is just an instrument…

It’s an instrument that can be used to help people improve whatever situation they might be in.

It could be that they are in a dead end job that they need out of.

Perhaps they need to pay off some bills.

I heard stories of people who are ill and need medical treatment, and Empower Network allowed them to obtain the money they needed to get that treatment.

I heard a story of a woman in an abusive relationship who felt trapped because she had no money of her own, but Empower Network allowed her a way out.

There was a story of a man who wanted to provide a nice home environment with nursing care for his wife, but was afraid he was going to have to put her in a facility. Empower Network allowed him to hire nurses for his wife with 24 hour care.

Everyone has a story.

Everyone has their “WHY”.

And the Empower Network Business can help them achieve it.

And now that’s Deb’s and my greater purpose.

As it was for a LOT of people who went to Chicago.

You see, a LOT of people had breakthroughs in Chicago.

And came to realize it’s much bigger than just themselves.

It’s about helping other people achieve their dreams.

When people join Empower Network they can truly change the world.

This event was called “Get Money”. But there was a prior event in San Diego called “Fight the Forces of Evil”.

That title means a lot more to me now.

Because when you think about it, there are forces out there that would like to see the masses enslaved to their system of economic equality.

But we can break that system, and teach people to empower themselves, blaze their own trail, and achieve their own destiny.

Don’t be imprisoned by the status quo.

Come join us and join Empower Network Today!

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