Results from Mack Zidan’s EZ Money Formula System

In a previous post I wrote about Mack Zidan‘s EZ Money Formula System, I recommended using it to build multiple streams of income with 3 businesses (GVO, Pure Leverage, and Empower Network).

ez money formula

After using it myself for a few days I now have some fairly positive results to report.

As I show in the video above, I have been able to create 11 leads in the system. These are people who have actually created an EZ Money Formula Account. They may or may not have joined GVO, Pure Leverage, or Empower Network at this point. In fact, of the 11 leads who did create accounts, 4 actually joined all 3 businesses.


(Partial List of EZ Money Formula Members)


That’s a pretty good percentage of 36% of people creating an account in the EZ Money Formula System going on to join ALL the programs.

And here’s why that is a pretty impressive stat…

One doesn’t have to join all 3 businesses in the EZ Money Formula System. If someone just wants to promote 1 or 2 of the businesses then that is perfectly fine as well.

But what these members have obviously figured out is that if they join all the businesses then they can EARN COMMISSIONS from ALL the businesses.

Why earn from just 1 of the businesses when you can earn from all 3?

But the above stats don’t tell the complete story.

You see, those 11 people who decided to become members and create an account in the EZ Money Formula System, are just a percentage of the total leads I have generated for the platform.

I actually generated 22 leads, which means that 50% of my leads decided to join the system, while 50% haven’t yet done so (I have actually generated 3 more leads at the time of this post).


(Leads Generated with the EZ Money Formula System)


That’s an equally amazing statistic!

And here’s the point…

People don’t take action right away. It usually takes around 8 exposures to an ad for a prospect to act. So the fact that 50% went ahead and joined is amazing.

For the other 50% I will continue to follow up with them with an autoresponder series of emails that are provided when one joins the system. Which, by the way, is an incentive for someone to join GVO and/or Pure Leverage since the system provides an autoresponder service that is integrated into the EZ Money Formula System.

I hope you understand the power of this system.

Join the EZ Money Formula System today and start generating multiple streams of income.



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