Use Mack Zidan’s EZ Money Formula to Promote Multiple Streams of Income


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Mack Zidan is one of the top internet marketers in the world. It’s not uncommon to see him at the top of some of the leaderboards of the hottest online businesses. As proof, here are the latest leaderboards of Empower Network and Pure Leverage as of this writing:

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(Empower Network Leaderboard – EZ Money Formula #1)


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(Pure Leverage Leaderboard – EZ Money Formula #2)


ez money formulaHow does Mack do it?

He builds systems that allows him to promote different businesses.

And that’s what he has done with the EZ Money Formula System.

Mack Zidan’s EZ Money Formula System promotes three different businesses all at once. The three businesses are GVO, Pure Leverage, and Empower Network.

If you already belong to any of these businesses, then you simply sign up for the EZ Money Formula System, and then plug in your GVO, Pure Leverage, or Empower Network username.

If you don’t belong to any of those three businesses, then I would suggest you sign up today so you don’t lose out on any of the commissions when one of your leads signs up.

A strategy of multiple streams of income is the primary method that the “gurus” use to build their wealth.

That doesn’t mean you can’t focus on building just one primary business.

But why earn with just one business when you can earn from several?

A perfect example of what I’m talking about is myself.

I’ve been with GVO for 4 years and I recently just signed up with their latest business venture called Pure Leverage. Both businesses are outstanding and provide great products and real value to their customers. Below you can see some of my latest earnings with both businesses:

pure leverage earnings

(Latest Earnings with GVO and Pure Leverage)


And, as great as those payouts are, my main focus for 2013 is going to be Empower Network. I’ve only been with Empower Network for a few months and already have earned commissions.


empower network earnings

(Latest Earnings with Empower Network)

As I state in my video above, I love the fact that people who have never earned a dime online before are finding success with Empower Network. The training products that Empower Network offers are second to none, and they teach you how to be a more effective and successful internet marketer. And the compensation plan is so innovative at paying out 100% commissions that now other companies are following their compensation model.

So while I absolutely love GVO and Pure Leverage, I am going to work on building my Empower Network business the rest of 2013.

The question I asked myself next was “Is there a way to promote Empower Network and still build my other businesses?”

Well, I think the answer is obvious now.

Mack Zidan’s EZ Money Formula System does exactly that.

So if you are currently involved with GVO, Pure Levarge, or Empower Network, then sign up for EZ Money Formula today and start generating leads for your business.

If not, then sign up today and get involved.

The stats don’t lie.

Mack Zidan’s EZ Money Formula System works!




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