Who Is This Gary Chappelle Guy?

When it comes to internet marketing, maybe you’ve heard of Gary Chappelle. Perhaps not.

It doesn’t matter.

The point is Gary Chappelle is just a regular guy who, for the last 5 years, has been working from home generating an income online.

You see, in 2008 he quit his computer consulting company that he had started 15 years prior and decided to give web marketing a try. Something inside of him told him it was possible to earn a living online, although he had no clue how to start or how to let people know what he was doing.

So what’s your situation?

Are you a stay-at-home Mom who just wants to earn some additional money for the household or yourself?

Or do you have a full-time job and just need some more income to help the bottom line?

Or maybe you hate your job, your boss, or just want to start a new career.


The Gary Chappelle Lifestyle


Does Gary Chappelle live the lifestyle of the rich and famous?

No. Not hardly. Nor does he want to. But he does live a comfortable lifestyle.

Today, Gary Chappelle  lives the kind of lifestyle he wants, with the total freedom to do what he wants, when he wants to do it, with whomever he wants. And that freedom is worth more than mere money.

Just yesterday his brother asked him if he wanted to play some golf during the week. His reply was “Oh yeah!”

If he had a regular 9 to 5 job, like he used to have with his computer consulting company, he would never be able to play golf during the week.

Or, how about heading out of town to network with other internet marketers who want to learn internet marketing strategies at events?

Gary has had the pleasure over the last few years of traveling to events in Manhattan, Las Vegas, San Antonio, and San Francisco, just to name a few of the destinations he’s been to, and in a few weeks he’s heading to Chicago for an Empower Network event.

Throw in some vacations as well to see his relatives and friends in Alabama (has another wedding to attend there soon for one of his nieces), go sailing in the Caribbean, or bask in the sun on the sandy beaches of Florida, and he would NEVER have that kind of time available with a regular J-O-B.

Hey, don’t get him wrong. Gary Chappelle isn’t  bragging. In fact, he’ll honestly tell you that he’s nowhere earning the kind of income he expects to be making within the next year.

He just tells you all of this because he wants you to know that it is possible…FOR YOU!

Because if a regular “Joe Schmo” like Gary Chappelle can figure this stuff out and make a go of it, then you can too.

The truth is that the big hitters out there, the internet “gurus” who make a gazillion dollars every time new internet marketing opportunities come out, have a power strategy that they use to be successful. Some of them have a big list of subscribers who hang on their every word. Others build systems that cost a lot of money in order to promote whatever business they get involved with that launches. Others might have connections and spend thousands of dollars with solo ad providers. Whatever their power strategy, they have one, and it WORKS…for them.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Quite frankly, Gary would love to get to that point where he can develop his own power strategy.


The Gary Chappelle Key to Success


Gary ChappelleBut here’s the key to Gary Chappelle’s success…

He’s learned that one doesn’t have to develop their own power strategy.

They simply need to utilize what others have working for them, and then tweak it to work for themselves.

When you join Gary’s Team, you’ll discover what business he is promoting in 2013, and why. You’ll have access to his Team’s Proprietary Back Office that contains all the strategies that the Team uses to build their business and be successful.

  • Traffic Coops (with Paid Advertising)
  • Duplicaster
  • Social Marketing Tools
  • Training Webinars
  • Lead Capture Pages & Other Marketing Materials

Gary even throws in a copy of his E-book “Explosive Traffic Secrets” for the Team.

And all of that is available at no extra charge just for joining the Team.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to qualify for training on a brand new power strategy only a select few team members have access to, if you decide you want it.

So if you’re brand new to internet marketing, or tired of jumping from business to business with no success, then you’ve found the right place to FINALLY learn how to be successful.

As with any business, no one can guarantee that you will be successful because your success depends on you and what is inside of you and how hard you will work to make your dreams come true. But if you make a commitment to meet us halfway and do what we ask you to do, then we believe in you and believe you can be successful.

So join Gary Chappelle today.

Join the Gary Chappelle Team Today

Gary Chappelle is an internet marketer and trainer and runs his own marketing company in the Atlanta, GA. area. You can find out more about him at his Empower Network Blog.

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