Make Money Online with TeamTissa and Empower Network

If you truly desire to build a successful online business, then priority #1 is to find a business that you can successfully promote. A great business to market has to have several key characteristics:

  • Offer products and services that people actually want.
  • Offer those products and services at a great value.
  • Offer a compensation plan that pays well.

Once you’ve found an online business you want to promote, then we get to the point where the rubber meets the road…

How to market your business so people know you even exist.

Because the cold, hard reality is in order to be successful, you have to learn how to create traffic, which generates leads. Then you have to learn how to convert those leads into sales. And if you are building a team then you need to be able to teach your team members how to duplicate what you are doing so they can have the same type of success as yourself.

So let’s address the first point, finding a business that has products and services people want, at great value, and with a terrific compensation plan.


Empower Network Is the Business for 2013


The primary business that I will be marketing in 2013 is Empower Network.

Empower Network teaches one how to build a business online, whether with Empower Network which you can certainly do, or to build any business with which you are involved. Their basic blogging platform is only $25 a month and they show you how to blog daily and create leads for your business over time.

Then Empower Network offers more advanced training in the form of other products they offer:

  • Inner Circle Training
  • Costa Rica Intensive
  • The 15K Formula
  • The Masters Retreat

All of these products will help anyone become a better marketer. I know that from personal experience as I’ve already applied many of the strategies taught in Empower Network to some other businesses with which I am involved.

In addition, the Empower Network compensation plan offers 100% commissions on any of their products that you sell to others.

When Dave Wood and David Sharpe of Empower Network first came out with this crazy idea of offering 100% commissions on sales, other people in the industry said they were nuts!

Well, they very well may be a little crazy…

Crazy like a fox.

Because now other companies have decided to follow their business model. And as they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

If one does decide they want to sell Empower Network’s Products, then there is a reseller fee of $19.95 a month that one pays that covers a variety of expenses, including infrastructure costs, support, as well as EWallet processing, etc. It’s a small price to pay to have the ability to earn huge commissions.


So Why Join TeamTissa in Empower Network?


teamtissaThere are a lot of great Empower Network teams out there, so why join TeamTissa?

Well, first of all, we’re a team of internet marketers all dedicated to everyone succeeding on our team. And we’re led by Tissa Godavitarne, Brian Bear, and Brian Michael, who have all joined forces to see the team succeed.

All three of them have their own rotator systems that drive traffic that is shared among the entire team. And they invest their own money to purchase paid traffic to the rotators in the form of CPC, PPC, and Facebook ads.

Now, will this type of advertising make you rich?

Probably not.

But it will help you to get your business started so that you can start getting signups and revenue coming into your Empower Network business.

This will give you time to start learning from the training that Tissa, and the two Brians provide to the team in weekly webinars that will teach you how to grow your business.

TeamTissa is also part of Team TakeMassiveAction which is a merger of two the biggest money earners in Empower Network (Lawrence Tam and Chris Record). Because TeamTissa is part of Team TakeMassiveAction, we have access to all of the resources available from them as well, which includes weekly training as well as marketing materials such as lead capture pages, autoresponder email series, and much more.

So how much extra does it cost to be a part of this great group of internet marketers?

Would you believe zero?

All of this extra value comes completely without any additional costs by simply joining us today.

It’s hard to imagine anywhere else where you can get so much for so little.

So join us now.

Don’t procrastinate.

Hit the button below to become part of TeamTissa and we’ll get you all set up in our powerful rotator coops, as well as get you included in our private Facebook Group.




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