BIG NEWS – TeamTissa Is Now Part of Team “Take Massive Action”!



TeamTissa Joins “Team Massive Action”


Last week there was a BIG Announcement that Lawrence Tam’s Team had merged with Chris Record’s Team “Take Massive Action“. Lawrence Tam and Chris Record are two of the biggest leaders in Empower Network, so this merger is monumental.

If you don’t know who these two gentlemen are then take a little bit of time and Google their names to find out more.

What is really amazing about both of them is that they started out part-time in Empower Network.

Lawrence was an electrical engineer who had found it difficult in previous endeavors to be successful online. Lawrence is a family man and didn’t want to spend hours on end trying to find success in internet marketing that would take away from time with his wife and young children. So he was hoping he could find something that he could spend a couple of hours a day devoted to and find success. It was when he discovered Dave Wood and David Sharpe of Empower Network that things began to change for him. Long story short, Lawrence eventually lost his electrical engineering job but fortunately has found success with Empower Network earning well over a half million dollars in a little over a year.

Chris Record is also a family man but very content with his full time job. However, when he discovered Empower Network, he thought it fit in perfectly with what he was already doing. Chris still does Empower Network part-time, yet is one of the top earners in Empower Network.

Now these are not typical incomes for Empower Network members, but I hope their stories, and others as well, will demonstrate what is possible with the Empower Network Business, and will inspire you to take control of your life and fulfill the dreams you’ve always had for yourself and your family.


What it Means for TeamTissa


What is awesome for TeamTissa group members is that TeamTissa is part of Lawrence Tam’s Team which now means we are also part of the “Take Massive Action” Team!

So now, not only do we have available the marketing systems from Tissa Godavitarne, Brian, Bear, and Brian Michael who are all part of TeamTissa, but we have access to all the training and marketing materials available from Lawrence Tam and Chris Record.

TeamTissa members can now access the “Take Massive Action” training and marketing material from their TeamTissa Back Office under “Partner Resources”.tttool


There you will find marketing videos, as well as several terrific lead capture pages you can use in your marketing efforts, and so much more.

This is in addition to all the great resources you already have available as a TeamTissa member:

checkmark2 positions in the Advertising Rotator

checkmarkAutomatic Email Followups for Leads

checkmarkFree Social Marketing Tools

checkmarkFree Paid Advertising

checkmarkFree Copy of My Report “Explosive Traffic Secrets”

checkmarkAnd much more added all the time!


Join Empower Network TODAY and get involved with the best team!

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