What’s Your “Why” for Starting a Business?

My Motivation for Starting a Business

Gary Chappelle Empower networkI started my online career back in 2008 out of necessity.

I had a successful computer consulting business in the Atlanta area that I had been running since 1994 but was finding it increasingly difficult to find clients who needed my area of expertise, especially when more and more companies were outsourcing overseas to fill their needs.

Not only that but the economy was slowing down, companies were merging, and employees were getting laid off in droves.

So I either needed to adapt or my family was going to have a serious downgrade in lifestyle.

I had been thinking to myself for a long while about starting a home business, but had no idea how to begin.

Fortunately for me I met a man by the name of Tissa Godavitarne and my online career hasn’t slowed down since.

So my “why” was to make sure my family was still taken care of with a roof over their heads, and food on the table. I also wanted the freedom to earn an income that wasn’t dependent on someone else. I could work my own hours, whenever and wherever I wanted, and earn as much as I wanted.

What Is Your “Why” for Starting a Business?

I now have new goals for my business.

So what is your motivation for starting your own business?

Have you written it down?

Be specific.

Simply writing “I want to make a bunch of money” is not a goal.

Why do you want to make a bunch of money?

The other day I put together a short video that talked about today’s economy, and why people need another income stream. I would suggest you watch the video and see if it doesn’t hit home.

And then I would suggest you join me in turning your life around.

You see, your life is determined by the choices you make. And doing nothing is just as much of a choice as doing something. Your life isn’t going to “magically” change for the better.


Starting a Business With Empire Network

I’ve been fortunate enough to build several different businesses and generate some nice income streams for myself over the years. And in 2013 I’ve decided to focus all of my energy on Empower Network.

Starting a business with Empower Network could not be easier. You sign up and then purchase the $25 Empower Network blog platform. Now this is important because blogging every day is a terrific and essential way of driving organic traffic to your website.

You then also pay the $19.99 every month to become an affiliate of Empower Network. This allows you to resell the blogging system to anyone else for 100% commissions!

Make sure this point is driven home in your mind because receiving 100% commissions is unheard of in this industry.

If you decide to purchase other products from Empower Network, then you can resell those as well for 100% profit. But keep this in mind…

You must have purchased a product yourself in order to resell it and earn those 100% commissions. If one of your signups purchases a product you do not own, then that commissions “passes up” to your sponsor. There are other features of the compensation plan that I do not want to get into now in this post, but let me just say that Empower Network has one of the best compensation plans I have ever seen in the internet marketing business world.

But here’s the best part…

When you join Empower Network under me, you are also joining one of the best teams in the business.

Our Team is called TeamTissa which was started by the man I mentioned earlier in this post, Tissa Godavitarne. And he has created a system that solves the problems facing most people who try to start a business online. Those three problems are:

  1. Generating Targeted Traffic
  2. Properly Following Up With Any Leads
  3. Easy Duplication for You and Your Team Members

You can read more about how TeamTissa helps you in starting a business here.

So stop letting others define your life for you and set your own rules. Join us today.

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