The 3 Step Formula for Success With Empower Network

I’m Spilling the Secret to Empower Network

Okay…let me be totally blunt here.

You can either soak in what you read here and believe it or just simply cast it aside and do nothing. It’s up to you, as it should be.

empower networkI posted a pretty good picture from my Facebook buddy Chance Scoggins the other day that pretty well sums up my philosophy of life in a nutshell.

So after you read this you really have no excuses anymore for why you aren’t successful online.

So let’s get to it.

Here’s the 3 step formula to success online:

  1. Go “All In”
  2. Get to the Events
  3. Get 2 Signups a Day

That’s it!

It’s not complicated AND it’s not difficult.

Empower Network Step #1

Go “All In”.

There’s a perfectly logical reason for telling you to do this and it has everything to do with the compensation plan at Empower Network and how you get paid. If you own all the products, then you can get paid on all the products. If you don’t own all the products, then you won’t be paid on all the products.

How simple is that?

Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe of Empower Network understand the statistics and they know what it takes to make 30K a month with the business. And if you follow the simple 3 step formula then you can accomplish that goal. But it takes going “All In”.


We’ll get to that in step 3. But let’s look at the importance of step 2.

Empower Network Step #2

Get to the events.

The next event is in Chicago April 19th thru the 21st 2013.

Why do you need to be there?

Going “All In” isn’t just about purchasing all the products at Empower Network. Going “All In” means committing to the business, not just in your head, but in your heart. Going “All In” means surrounding yourself with like-minded people who not only believe in themselves, BUT believe in YOU!

If you aren’t committed 100% then what you are saying to yourself is that you really don’t believe you can be successful with your business, and if you feed your subconscious those negative thoughts, then it will make sure you accomplish your goal of not being successful.

But BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART that this 3 step formula will work and your subconscious mind will set about in MIRACULOUS ways to make sure you reach your goals! It’s almost like the universe just opens up and creates paths to your success.

So you need to develop that mindset and the events reinforce it for you.

Empower Network Step #3

Get 2 signups a day.


See, there’s your Doubting Thomas mind again trying to convince you that there must be a catch.

How in the world can you possibly get 2 signups a day?

Well, first of all, let’s discuss why 2 signups a day for 90 days will help you achieve 30K a month in revenue.

And this goes back to what I was referring to under Step #1.

Dave & Dave understand the statistics of the business and they know that if you get 180 people who sign up for the $25 blogging platform, that it will lead to 30K a month in revenue on average.

$25 a month for 180 people only amounts to $4500 a month. But they understand that a certain percentage of those will upgrade and purchase all or some of the other products. And based on those numbers, you can reach 30K a month.

Now, let me be blunt once again, and say that those numbers are not typical; however you can check out Empower Network’s Income Disclosure Statement to check all the details of how their affiliates are doing.

Now, to the point about getting 2 signups a day.

The products within Empower Network show you how to do that.

However, at TeamTissa we’ve taken it even further by helping you even more and getting your business on the Fast Track.

You see, Tissa Godavitarne, the Founder of TeamTissa, understands that there are 3 main problems that face most people when they try to succeed online:

  • Generating Targeted Traffic
  • Properly Following Up With Any Leads Generated
  • Easy Duplication for You and Your Team Members

You can read more about how Tissa solves these issues for you with my article entitled “TeamTissa Will Rock Empower Network in 2013“.

Sign Up With Empower Network Today

So there you have it.

It’s a very simple 3 step formula for success and…

It works!

It’s been proven time and time again with lots of people.

So if you’re tired of failure and not living life on your terms, then join Empower Network TODAY and let TeamTissa help you achieve your dreams.

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