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TeamTissa Is All About Us

teamtissaTeamTissa was formed to promote various businesses that Tissa Godavitarne believes in, and what that requires is that that the business offers 2 primary things to its members:

1. Value to the customer
2. Value to the member

In other words, the products and services of the business that all members will be promoting have to be first class and offer something of genuine value to whomever purchases them. And secondly, the compensation plan of the business has to be structured in a way that greatly benefits the members who join, so that not only the company succeeds, but that all have the opportunity for success.

That is why TeamTissa has decided to promote Empower Network in 2013.

Not only are the products offered superior to what you normally find in similar niche companies, but the compensation plan pays 100% commissions which is unheard of in the internet marketing industry. In fact it’s so uncommon that other companies are now starting to examine Empower Network’s overall compensation strategy and attempting to design similar models.

But why join us?


I mean the truth is you could join Empower Network with a lot of different teams out there.

But here is why TeamTissa is different…

TeamTissa is all about us!

Tissa has designed the goals of our group to match his overall philosophy when it comes to internet marketing.

When I joined him 5 years ago his motto was “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”.

Today that same idea is basically summed up in the idea that if you help people get what they want out of life, then you can get what you want out of life.

And Tissa is DEFINITELY helping people get what they want out of life with TeamTissa!

What’s So Special About TeamTissa?

What Tissa has learned in his 10+ years in internet marketing is that there are two main issues that face most people when they try to start a business online.

  • Generating Targeted Traffic
  • Properly Following Up With Any Leads Generated

You can read more extensively about how Tissa resolves these issues for members of TeamTissa HERE.

But suffice it to say that Rotator drives targeted traffic to TeamTissa members’ affiliate links and targeted traffic is the name of the game for success online.

Yet, that’s NOT the only advertising Tissa is doing for you when you become a member.

He recently started advertising for us on Google Adwords.

teamtiss used adwords

As you may or may not know, setting up a Google Adwords Campaign is a powerful way to drive targeted web traffic to your promotion. However, unless one knows what they are doing, they can lose a lot of money very quickly, so there is a learning curve involved.  The good news is you don’t have to know how to set up such a campaign. Tissa is well known as being very successful with Adwords having built numerous companies using them in the past. The important thing to realize here is that the Google ad Tissa has created is using the Rotator to drive targeted traffic to all TeamTissa member affiliate links!

Now don’t get me wrong.

The fact that Tissa is helping us succeed with our business doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all be learning on our own how to create our own traffic. The entire point of Empower Network is to train us how be successful online. So we should embrace the opportunity Tissa has provided us and do what he likes to call “Earn to Learn”. Once we join Empower Network we should dive into the training and start learning while Tissa is helping us succeed on the back end.

The TeamTissa Community

I like to say that Empower Network isn’t just a business…


And TeamTissa isn’t just a team…


And it’s a community of like minded individuals with one goal and purpose.

And that is that everyone on TeamTissa should have success with Empower Network in 2013 and beyond.

We want you to join us because we’re all here to help you succeed online.

If you’ve never had success online, or if you’ve stalled with your progress, then join us.


explosive traffic secrets

And as a little token of my appreciation, when you join us, I will throw in my little contribution to your success. It’s called “Explosive Traffic Secrets”. It’s an E-book I wrote exclusively for TeamTissa members to show them another way to generate targeted traffic to their websites. It’s free to anyone who joins our team. So join TeamTissa TODAY!

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